Relieve the Stress Weighing on Your Body and Mind

One of the many benefits of our services at The Body Bar is your ability to relax.  With a professional massage, this therapy technique relieves tension and strain that is put on your body and your mind every day. From work to social events and the rest of life, this tension weighs down, stiffens and stresses you possibly more than you may think. You'll be amazed by how renewed and invigorated you'll feel after a single massage session at The Body Bar.

New customers receive their 1st One Hour Signature Massage Session for only $49.00, A $30 SAVINGS

Massage Therapy has been around for over 3,000 years, and with the advent of scientific technology, the benefits are only becoming more advanced and farther reaching. Some of the benefits of regular massage are:

  • Releases muscle tissue congestion
  • Improves joint range of motion, and circulation
  • Relieves sore muscles and headaches
  • Promotes healthier, more vibrant skin.
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Prevents against adhesions post surgery.

Massage therapy is a great technique for alleviating mind and body stressors. We have 10 luxurious massage rooms available for your convenience, with soothing décor and expert technicians. Our massage services are also made affordable, with membership packages available for ample savings.

Whether you are a member or not, every massage is available for members and non-members alike! We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to that start of your appointment if it is your first time, so that you have enough time to complete the short medical and health history forms. Do not hesitate to ask any questions that you many have for your therapist. We wish to make your experience a very pleasing visit with us. And with such a variance of massage types, The Body Bar's massage technicians can pin point the exact pressure points to alleviate your discomforts.

With so many benefits to our massage therapy services, the investment is well worth the feeling of being revitalized. Take the time away from work and your busy schedule to experience an awakening; you'll be glad you did. Call now to book an appointment or for more information!

For parties of 2 or more, a non-refundable 50% deposit by credit card or gift certificate is required to hold appointment times. Visit our membership packages page for more information on massage package pricing and amenities.

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