2019 March Spring Specials Flyer Coupons

We want to make sure that everyone has a chance to experience our extraordinary services. Taking care of yourself is not only about proper nutrition and general fitness. It’s about keeping your health in balance on all levels; which includes de-stressing, and detoxifying techniques such as massage therapy or spa treatments. These rejuvenating services are not just a luxury, but a necessity to achieve overall health and wellness.

At The Body Bar, we are committed to helping you get the right dose of fitness and relaxation services that your mind and body need, without having to spend a fortune. Our monthly specials make our services affordable year round.

Be the first to know! The Body Bar VIP list delivers our seasonal savings to your email or get updates sent directly to your phone, via text message. Simply text BODYBAR to 91944, and you’ll be first in line for coupons, deals and other seasonal savings.

From getting your daily source of vitamin D with UV tanning, de-stressing with a massage or spa service, to exercising with our fitness center amenities, The Body Bar has everything you need to get relaxed, rejuvenated and feeling your best. Visit The Body Bar – Where Everything is Premium…Except the Price! Call now to schedule an appointment or for more information!

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