The Truth About Weight Loss

Weight Loss Truths

I often have questions from members at the Body Bar Fitness & Spa about why they don’t seem to be seeing any results from their efforts. They get very frustrated with a lack of progress because they see so many commercials or magazine articles featuring people who seem to be losing weight without even trying. They are confused about what really works and what is hype. Some say they can eat this and do that and melt fat. Then, they may talk to someone else who says there’s no way it’s going to work for them. Some friends or family even encourage them to just settle for whatever mediocre success they have had and be thankful to still be active.

So, I’m going to tell you exactly what I tell them.

I ask a series of questions to get a better feel of where to steer them for answers. It’s their responsibility then to take action. I offer my services, or direct them to someone whom they will benefit working with to reach their goals. (Sometimes they do need physical therapy, chiropractic, or working with a professional to correct body chemistry). Read the questions and see where you fall in regards to needing more direction.

  1. Tell me about your training schedule. Many times, people train poorly and their routine is out of sync with their abilities or goals. You have to balance your resistance, cardiovascular, flexibility, deep core and balance training to get the results you want. If you’re having trouble with any aspect of fitness, you’re either not training for it, or you’re training improperly.
  2. Tell me about your training intensity. Are you working too little? Far too many people train below the appropriate intensity levels or frequency for them to see progress. And these intensities must change over time to both challenge the body as well as allow the body to recover. I see far too many mature clients (particularly those in the Silver Sneakers® and Silver & Fit® programs) continuing to work with the same weights as day one as they are two years down the road. Most do not know they should be, or don’t realize they are capable of, working with greater workloads. Are you working too hard? Yes, sometimes people over train and fail to keep seeing results. What’s even more frequent is they train too hard and fail to get the proper nutrition.
  3. Tell me about your nutrition. Boom! This is where it goes south for so many people. Sometimes people believe that just because they become more active they have more liberties with their diets. The fact remains – You will NEVER out-train a bad diet. You must know your caloric needs, you must know a diet plan which will work for you and provides a balance of healthy carbohydrates, quality proteins and quality fats. Forget fad diets. Forget starving yourself. Forget weight loss pills. Forget that any magic bullet or quick fix even exists. They do not.
  4. What plan did you create when you began your programming? No plan is usually what people have. Take your programming seriously. You need to know what your frequency, intensity, time and type of exercise you (as an individual) needs in regards to training. You also should have a meal plan and know how much and what you should be eating. This includes the right nutritional supplements based on your dietary needs. And, just as important as all the others, plan part of your day to relax, meditate, pray or sit in quiet contemplation without any disruptions.
  5. Why are you not investing in personal training? Every professional athlete of high caliber has their own trainers. Why? Because they want to be the best they can be in a very competitive field. NASCAR drivers have their own personal trainers. Business executives have their own trainers. Why are you any different? If it’s a cost issue, work with others in semi-private or small group training. Work with a trainer and develop a plan with you which makes sense. Let a trained professional tie it all together for you so you have wins and not frustrations.

For me, knowing this information and getting to know the person in front of me gives me enough to draw on to give them some type of helpful advice. Look, if you haven’t studied exercise physiology, nutrition, supplementation, stress management, flexibility training etc., you are in the dark. Don’t assume it’s as easy as just walking or picking up a weight. A proper plan and direction will get you to your destination. Without it, you’re guessing and hoping it works out for you.

Now. You can’t just wake up and have the ideal body composition and fitness condition you desire. It takes work. Sometimes a lot of work! But let’s face it, nothing worth having comes without putting the work in. You can’t, “just have it.” It must be earned. You have to be honest in your self-assessment, but then be educated in the areas you fall short of knowledge.

You are not a victim, unless you choose to be. Your life, your health and all which encompasses this is a product of the choices you make and NOT a product of circumstance. There is no one size fits all approach to your health. Your personal fitness is a reflection of what you want. Plain and simple. If you’re not willing to put the work in, the results will suffer. You will not have what you want. Those who do, have done one simple thing which sets them apart from those who struggle. They made a decision to change.

Make your decision today. Make today, the day you are going to do what it takes to improve your health. Find the path which is right for you. Get a qualified personal trainer to map out a path to success and who will work with you to achieve those goals. You’ll spend money on a number of things which have nothing to do with your health. In fact, most will be spent on things detrimental to healthier living. Invest in your health. Make it a priority and enjoy the fruits of your investment. You don’t have to dive into the deep. Formulate a plan and wade into the waters. You can do this. Thousands have and you can too!

If you need help, contact me directly or at The Body Bar Fitness & Spa @ 412.364.8500. Let’s talk!

All the best!

Coach Fred

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