Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

New and exciting group fitness classes are popping up everywhere. Group classes are have become increasingly popular due to their many benefits such as offering a fun environment, the ability to learn something new, providing social interaction, as well as the obvious physical benefits.

Comradery and Fun

Group exercise classes are a great way to meet new people and often include a diverse group. Older and younger adults alike reap the benefits of group exercise making it a great way to socialize with different types of people. Even if you aren’t the socializing type, you may still find that working out with a group provides you with a sense of belonging as overtime you become a class regular.

Group Fitness Classes

Learning Proper Form

Because group exercise classes are taught by certified instructors you will get immediate feedback on your form as well as instructions on how to improve your form. Many group exercise instructors use the first couple of minutes of the class to go over correct form to ensure that each member begins the exercises correctly. Having good form not only provides physical benefits since you are exercising the muscles that you are targeting, but it also helps you avoid injury.

Increased Motivation

Group exercise classes are typically scheduled at the same time and same day each and every week. This allows you to incorporate them into your schedule just like any other item on your to-do list. Having a regularly scheduled meeting helps keep you accountable. Not to mention, once you get to know others in your class they can hold you accountable to show up. There have been many articles discussing the benefits of having a workout buddy to increase motivation and accountability. Group classes offer several “workout buddies.” In addition, to increase the likelihood of showing up you can enlist a friend to join you for a class.

Improve Your Body & Mind

Whether you want to lose weight, tone, or build endurance, exercise is a perfect way to accomplish this. Exercise also benefits our minds. Regular exercise can result in increased happiness and contentment. When you finish a class you can relish in the sense of accomplishment and your body will feel great too.

Body Bar Fitness offers a variety of group fitness classes that are perfect for beginners as well as expert trainers. Have fun and leave all of your stresses behind in one of the exciting classes Body Bar Fitness has to offer.

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